BentoBox OP-1 Modular Synth Stand

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BentoBox | OP-1 Modular Synth StandBento box transformer Case Rack left Italy – destination: Japan, and a family of five Teenage Engineering OP-1s!

Our Client, Steeezo, wished to get a custom rack stand which would be similar in use to the traditional Japanese lunch boxes, where you can fit in a very light and compact way your lunch and carry it around. Except that here you do not get sushi rolls but 5 or 6 OP-1 synths, which must unfold safely and at a comfortable angle, and operated all at once.

As it is in Cremacaffè Design philosophy, the project was stripped of anything not necessary, keeping only the elements which would fit Steeezo’s own way of playing. Many messages and sketches between Japan and Italy were exchanged – it is a very personal way of designing a product, much more flexible than what you could ever get in mass production. I used laser cut poplar plywood, strong and light to carry around.

Comfort and simplicity was all we wanted from this project: the stand is protected by a furoshiki – inspired soft case, hand made from repurposed fabric, with laser engraved leather details. The soft bag opens up in seconds, to reveal the Bento box wooden case with its textile hinging. The bag handle turns into a strong connecting bar for the rack sides. Once unfolded, the case clicks onto the rack sides, which are designed in a way to fit also between the OP-1s, when they are left inside the Bento box.

bentobox-op-1-modular-synth-stand_2The rack stand accommodates Steeezo’s 5 OP-1s, and a 6th case can be tucked below or used when and if a 6th synth will join the family. Shape is minimal, with only small wooden elements for extra stability, and thumb screws on the back, to make assembly fast and easy. As in all our stands, small anti skid buttons from reused bike tires have been applied. The whole thing is strong and stable, even though it weighs less than 800 g: it was important to make it really easy to carry around, as the OP-1 is a portable synth, and you need to play comfortably wherever you are.

Materials are simple, natural or repurposed: here the real luxury is comfort of use and portability, plus the personal feel of something that has been tailored to your needs – a patient, and fun, take on design and on the importance of making comfortable your body at work!


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