New York-based producer Stoni meets Cremacaffè Design

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photo: Stoni meets Cremacaffè Design
Stoni, Ableton Push & KOSMO stand

Stoni received a KOSMO, a SPIKE and a KOLIBRI stand to elevate her gear in the studio and on the move. We had a Skype chat with her between our workshop/home in Sicily and her Brooklyn studio.

Stoni: “I am a bit particular, you know? I love things that are high quality and handmade. As a music producer, I’ve traveled the world for Native Instruments, AVID and Roli. I’ve also started teaching production and mentoring young producers online at Pyramind, so I have the flexibility to be work from anywhere. I do need a stand when I am on the move but there is never enough room to carry the heavy ones. That’s why I love the stands you guys are making. I love the handmade pouch. It protects the stand and it completes the whole handmade and eco-friendly concept of it. The serial number on the side, written by hand, it makes the whole thing feel special. It’s one of a kind. It is like a nice piece of furniture.

The SPIKE stand is really dope. It elevates the gear to a perfect height, so that even though I am quite small I can sit comfortably. I don’t have to kill myself trying to reach for the knobs”.

At this point we ask about the KOSMO. A little demonstration about assemblage takes place. There is the little trick of slightly bending the wood, while putting the longer pieces of the stand together on a flat surface. Then the middle piece will lock them in place. Stoni places her Maschine Studio on top of the KOSMO, at first wondering if such a light stand, made up of two separable pieces (two stands and two angles in one), will support such heavy gear. The Maschine Studio appears to be very stable on the KOSMO as STONI starts testing it out. Light, not moving at all, and it can be separated in two smaller stands, which can be used to hold a big keyboard, or a laptop plus a synth.

Stoni: “KOLIBRI is so light but also incredibly stable with heavy machines (Stoni uses KOLIBRI to hold her Ableton Push 2). I would recommend it also for someone who’s taller than me and need lower angles to play comfortably. KOLIBRI is so small that I can literally have a stand in my pocket – ideal for traveling.”

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