SPIKE tabletop synth stand by Cremacaffè DesignIn 2013, we were the first to design and bring to the market a double angle, light and compact wooden stand to improve the ergonomics of your electronic devices. Since then, many creative people have enjoyed our products and supported us with their ideas and opinions. Our clients buy Cremacaffè Design stands because of the beauty of their design (“it’s like a little wooden origami for synths”, BBoy Tech Report); their flexibility (“it holds an impressive range of machines”, Sonic Talk) and their solidity (“rock solid”, “very stable”).

Here are some reviews & feedback from international Press
and our most valued Cremacaffè Customers.

These Eye-Catching Desktop Synth Stands Demand Your Attention – Cremacaffé are the makers behind some of the most innovatively designed desktop stands for synths and music machines we’ve seen. They are made from plywood and feature rubber anti-slip feet. The photos speak for themselves.”
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“This poplar plywood stand came to prominence after being featured as illustrator Robert Generette III‘s drawing stand of choice, and I’m glad it did. Best of all, it collapses into its component parts for easy storage and travel, so you can build a solid iPad Pro workspace whether your desk is in your office or on a plane.” KOLIBRI
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Apple Insider
“One other element of Rob Zilla’s workflow is his iPad stand, with the KOLIBRI from Cremacaffè Design appearing prominently in Apple’s photograph of the artist. Billed as an all-in-one laptop and tablet stand and made in Italy, the KOLIBRI allows for the iPad to be held in one of four different positions, including angles best suited for writing and drawing.”
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Future Music Magazine
“THE BEST VALUE – Cremacaffè Stands: In terms of bang for your buck, these are easily the quickest way to spruce up your working environment.” (“Studio Furniture”, article on FM issue Feb. 2017)

“From years of producing, I found seven best desktops stands for music producers.
Spike & Kosmo stands by Cremacaffè are my top two, because they are made for producers.
The Kosmo stand is my favorite: sturdy, adjustable for a variety of equipment’s, and aesthetically nice.
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presonussoftware.com · Arnd Kaiser · General Manager
“The little “Hero” tabletop stand looks great and works nicely in my studio. I’m happy to post a picture of it on Instagram/Facebook soon. :)”

splice.com · Michael Trance · Dj – Producer
“The big reason I went with these stands was the ability to change the tilting angles since they are built out of wood. You’d think they would be heavy but they are super light, do not require tools to be assembled, and they break down completely flat, which for me is awesome as i have to travel a lot.
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loopmasters.com · Kelvin K. · Marketing Manager
“Just got a nice Kosmo stand from the very nice people at Cremacaffè design store. If you’re investigating options for stands for your gear, give them a look. My stand is light and portable, but feels like it will be sturdy enough for some studio punishment.

Teenage Engineering
GoPocket “Very nice accessory for the pocket operators! Thanks for sharing.
#‎cmxte‬ ‪#‎pocketoperators‬ Cheap Monday”

“We’ve seen laptop/tablet stands before, but this Italian offering looks particularly stylish and flexible.”

“Cremacaffe Kolibri is said to be super light but rock solid, can accommodate devices up to 18 inches size, and has four “ergonomic configurations” to suit different usage situations. What’s more, it can be folded flat, making it easy to transport (and, indeed, to wrap).”
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“Mad solid. I’d recommend them to any DJ or Producer in need of a stylish and ergonomic light weight stand for their beloved pieces of gear.”

“Cremacaffè is a company that knows style and functionality well enough to balance the two for the sake of ergonomically holding our precious desktop synths and gadgets in place on our table top synth filled studio desks. The Spike & Hero Desktop Synth Stands are currently in use in my lab and they do just as one would hope they’d do.
For starters, both are made of precision cut Poplar Plywood. Each stand comes disassembled in 3 pieces, flat in a rather fancy but minimal cloth pouch.”
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loopmasters.com · Paul Willard, Product Manager
“Couldn’t wait to get my KOSMO stand from Cremacaffè”
“On opening the very swift to arrive envelope, the first thing that hits you is the gorgeous smell of the wooden pieces.

The next thing you notice is the guys have spent a lot of time thinking not only about the product design itself but the whole packaging experience. The stand comes flat packed inside a funky screen printed cotton bag to carry or store your Kosmo when not in use. Another nice touch was a personalised envelope with instructions and info card and a lovely postcard.
The stand is a breeze to put together and despite me thinking it had potential to be unstable once I had put my Elektron Rytm on top and started smashing the pads, it was obvious the angle was perfect and thanks to its rubber feet the Kosmo was going nowhere. The best thing was there was still room on top to fit my Bastl Instruments Microgranny.
If you are in the market for a solid Boutique stand for your trusty musical weapons then I highly recommend the Kosmo.”

Photos by Paul Willard: instagram.com/cremacaffeshop/

Simple solution to perennial problem

“We have this issue a lot – when shooting reviews, its often necessary to tilt a desktop synth to get a good shot. We made a clunky solution from a few bits of spare wood or bags of rice. However, if you need something a bit more swish and functional, the new Kosmo double table top stand is probably it.
The Kosmo fits a variety of synths, the complete list is available on the product page at cremacaffedesign.com as are all the details of the plywood dual stand. It can also be used for a laptop should you need it – indeed raising up the screen will save you neck problems in the long run – a lesson learned by experience here at Sonic Towers.”


“I’ve been checking for this stand for a while now. I love the Spike’s design esthetics and it’s practicality. Cremacaffè seems to have put a lot of time, hard work and love into developing this line of stands (the Spike in particular) and with the beat maker in mind. It sure beats the random list of items we sometimes prop our beloved devices up on. That goes for everything from books to laptop stands (the latter isn’t half bad). But all in all, I have to say that the Cremacaffè Spike is brilliantly done and straight out of Italy and Finland.”

“It’s like a little wooden origami for synths/ nice angle on em and they have two angles/positions”

synthtopia.com ·  Elisabeth McLaury Lewin, Publisher
“Finnish design house Cremacaffe has debuted two whimsical, modular gear stands, ‘Spike’ and the ‘OP-Bunny,’ designed especially for holding small synths and drum machines.”
Cremacaffe ‘Spike’ and ‘OP-Bunny’ Tabletop Gear Stands

Lagom lifestyle magazine · lagom.com

“Then look no further than the new ‘Kosmo’ stand from Cremacaffè, which builds upon their slightly smaller ‘Spike’ stand and their über-minimal ‘OP-Bunny’, designed specifically to hold Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synth.”

Cremacaffè Beloved Customers feedback:

Cremacaffè DesignAbout the Electribe SHIFT Skin

Schtang | Alasdair B.
12.2016 FB: Just took delivery of this absolutely wicked product. A very simple and discreet overlay that you fit around the pads on your E2 or ES2 which shows you all the shift functions you had no idea were even there!  I’ve had the E2 for about a year now and had no idea what these shift functions were 😂 Makes the production process that much faster and eliminates a lot of menu diving. Very happy with this indeed! Will be great for live shows to mix up settings like the groove type or swing on the fly without getting lost in the menu screen. A low cost solution and made of high grade materials would really recommend for all you tribe users out there! Thanks so much Cremacaffè!!! Looking forward to filling my studio with your amazing products 🙏🔥✌️️

Nupfi | Angi S.
12.2016 PM: “Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the skin arrived safe and looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks a lot again. ”

Mark W.
10.2016 E-mail: “I’m very pleased and would certainly recommend the Cremacaffè Design products.”

Robert M.
09.2016 facebook: “Got my new Shift Skin by Cremacaffè. Cool! I like the design and for me it’s really a little bit easier for the workflow. I also like to support a small family company.”

Tucker H.
09.2016 E-mail: “Thanks for the silver overlay, Love it! I have promoted your stands in the forums. They are great! Cheers! See you around…”

JD73 | Dan Goldman · Producer – Contributor @ Future Music Mag.
09.2016 E-mail: “It looks great :)) very happy. Here’s a pic. (attachment).
Keep in touch and all the best, thanks for the fast shipping and great design too.”

Karl A.
07.2016 E-mail: “Hi!! I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for making it for me. It works great and is so much easier to use the instrument with this in place!!”

Joseph J.
07.2016 E-mail: “Hi again, the skin is fantastic. I’ll leave a link to your website once I upload another music video on my YouTube channel 🙂 Many thanks again!”

KOSMO double tabletop stand by Cremacaffè DesignAbout the KOSMO double stand

@krnktom | MerciMerci
05.2017 Instagram: “Studio upgrading III – underneath these fine synths there’s one of the simplest yet most important upgrade: @cremacaffeshop KOSMO stand. Ergonomics are everything while working on long session and organizing space on the studio desk!”

Ted C.
05.2017 E-mail: “Its funny, but I think I am actually as excited about buying stands as I was the actual machines! You guys have created and designed such a cool set of products. Simple and clean, yet also complex and multi functional. Thanks!”

Mark W.
10.2016 E-mail: “Love the Kosmo stand, it holds the Electribe at just the right angle on my desk. Works great with lots of other studio kit too. Thanks for the little extras like the cards and the carry bag for the parts.

I’m very pleased with both items and would certainly recommend the Cremacaffè Design products.”

Pierre H.
09.2016 E-mail: “Quality products 👌
here with Ableton Push & Waldorf Blofeld, Love it, quality stuff 👌👍
Greetings by elpierro // www.soundcloud.com/elpierro2

09.2016 “Dope stands. This is a great company as well.”

Chris Air
02.2016 Tweet: “pure simplicity. love my new @cremacaffeshop equipment stands. bellissima. mille grazie Andrea & Elisa ❤️”

06.2015 E-mail: “I just received my package. Thanks so much for your wonderful product and the nice postcard. I’m very very happy with it and will recommend you!”

05.2015 elektronauts.com “Love it! The Elektron tabletops need tilted stands. I find it pain in my neck hanging over it flat for longer periods.”

SPIKE tabletop synth stand by Cremacaffè DesignAbout the SPIKE synth stand

01.2016 fr.audiofanzine.com “Le SPIKE est utile pour ceux qui souhaitent un confort non négligeable pour utiliser vos synthés de type “desktop”. J’ai testé ce produit sur 2 appareils compatible, à savoir mon Virus TI Snow et ma Maschine Mikro MKII.

Ce que j’apprécie:
– La compatibilité avec de nombreuses machines.
– La conception du produit fini main sans utiliser de solvants.
– La facilité pour le monter et sa forte stabilité lors d’une l’utilisation intensive avec une boite à rythme de type Maschine (ça ne bouge pas d’un poil).

Ce que j’aime moins:
– Le prix: 36.80€ (en même temps c’est un produit artisanal, donc c’est normal).

Bref si vous en avez les moyens et que vous ne souhaitez pas perdre du temps à faire le votre en carton kraft, le spike est fait pour vous.”  ★★★★☆

Naco / Dhipcon
01.2016 Tweet: “重さ135gの傾斜がつけられるスタンド、尚且つ分解すると三つの木のパーツと言うのは想像以上に手軽。接地面には滑り止めのゴムがついているので奥滑りもしない。ただ重さと引き換えに強度はそこそこ。スタンドとして十分過ぎる性能です。マスト!”

06.2015 synthtopia.com “I’ve got two Spikes. Love them. Sometimes I like to use them both to hold my MS-20M while I bang around with patch cables and the SQ-1. It’s sturdy and stable this way. The design is great and the quality of these stands is excellent. I guess you have to have one in person to appreciate them or know what you’re talking about. There are a lot of people on the internet that think their imaginations are good enough. I do the same thing sometimes. This is not one of those times. Good quality product. Thanks.”

Adolph Hipster
06.2015 synthtopia.com “The design is great because it works for so many different machines, and is highly portable. The price is fair because most of the value comes from design (which takes training and time), not materials. Sure, you could possibly build one on your own, but I bet you won’t! By the time you spent hours and hours perfecting the Design schematic, and gathering materials (and a laser cutter), you’d probably wish you would have just paid for the damn things. And no, I don’t work for this company.”

05.2015 E-mail: “Thanks a lot for the update about the rubber feet, and for the additional ones for my previous stands. It’s a great product and it even gets better! Just to let you know, the stand is also great for graphic artists using the Wacom Cintiq 13″, which totally lacks a proper stand; will try to catch a good photo of it in action.”

05.2015 korgforums.com “I’ve got two Spikes I use constantly with my Electribes and also an iPad. They are a nice, clean, sturdy design. I can even use the two Spikes to support my MS-20M on my coffee table. I’m really thinking about this (Kosmo) for my laptop. Nice, responsive people at Cremacaffe too.”

04.2015 instagram.com/cremacaffeshop
“Awesome products! Great minimal design, with great functionality, and concern for our mother earth. Sick. Kudos!”

11.2014 elektronauts.com “the Rytm, Octatrack and A4 are placed on the spikes. I really like the fact that they are stable and portable. I had those plastic ears first, but those require screwing. Everytime I wanted to take my Elektrons out I had to unscrew them.”

Carlo La Bella, RadioV, Italy
10.2014 Instagram “I wasn’t very happy with the angle of my iPad cover, so I detached the holder, and placed it on the Spike stand, and I could immediately feel the difference! Now I can use it in a very comfortable position, no more wrists pain! Easily reachable and stable, the iPad doesn’t move under my fingers tapping as it used to happen with the foldable cover; When I am recording some live radio programs, everything needs to be carefully synchronized and I do want my workflow to be smooth and pleasant. I’m glad I found this solution.”

10.2014 kvraudio.com “This stand was flagged up on the Elektron forum recently. It’s primarily designed for holding small / desktop synths, but could also work for an iPad: http://cremacaffedesign.com/projects/spike/
Simple design, nice price, should hold up to some serious battering since it’s designed for musicians + synths.”