Cremacaffè Stands: BEST VALUE for your Studio Furniture | Future Music Mag.

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In the February 2017 issue, Future Music Magazine reviews several items which can improve your music making experience, and the verdict is: Cremacaffè stands give you the “Best Value”, with a score of 9.2 out of 10. FM writes about Cremacaffè tabletop stands: “In terms of bang for your buck, these are easily the quickest way to spruce up your working environment “.

When we started here at Cremacaffè, nobody had ever seen this kind of attention and detail given to supports for synths. As a musician, though, Andrea had a distinct feeling that his synths were his jewels and deserved proper care. As a designer, I thought the same of his well-being as a musician, whether he would be playing in the studio or on the move.

Cremacaffè tabletop stands from left to right: SPIKE, KOLIBRI, KOSMO.

Future Music writing about “Studio Furniture” shows how much things have changed: people are more aware of the importance of their well-being as a way to boost creativity. A tabletop stand is a piece of furniture as important as a studio chair. It will cost you less, though, and improve your working environment whether you are at home or on tour.

Lightweight, sturdy and beautiful, you can carry your Cremacaffè stands everywhere, packing them flat in seconds, and use them with an average of 100 different synths for every design. Take a look at our Compatibility List, or contact us to see which one is the best fit for your setup.

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