Heavy hitters, we’ve got your back!

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Or how we became more antiskid than Spiderman himself…

Cremacaffè Design | Antiskid System out of old bike tires.
Cremacaffè Design | Antiskid System out of old bike tires.

We’ve been looking for an antiskid solution for you heavy hitters, or for those who love to play their synths on a glass surface. You know that Cremacaffè is concerned with sustainable design – based on the principle “what goes around, comes around” – therefore we resisted using any silicones or paint. Now that we are in Sicily, and we have access to loads of dismissed household items at home, we found our perfect antiskid match: old bike tires! Elisa’s dad made it in million pieces (you’ll love the video) and they are super powerful. Something durable and functional that does not harm the environment neither your aesthetic eye. We know you guys love rock-solid, beautiful things.
Cremacaffè Design is not going to let you down!

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