MPC2000XL Miniature Keychain

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Producer Gear:
photo: Cremacaffe Design - MPC 2000XL - Producer LifeThe Monarch Enterprise and Cremacaffe Design have joined forces on their latest release of miniature keychains.

The MPC 2000XL has been a staple for tons of legendary producers for almost 2 decades. A distant offspring of the MPC 60, originally created by Roger Linn and Akai Professional, the MPC 2000XL solidified Akai’s leadership in music production equipment releasing in 2000. Even 17 years after it’s creation, the 2000XL shines among thousands of new gadgets as a landmark production piece for musicians of all types.

Now you can take the 2000XL with you everywhere! These beechwood keychains are made in Italy and are packaged for perfection by the fine folks at CCD.
Click HERE or go to our store for purchasing information.”

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