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Our friendship with Steeezo started about a year ago, all around the passion for OP-1. Since then, he has been growing into this crazy, mysterious Internet performer and we made together a Transformer-Bento-Box portable case & stand, for his 5 OP-1s and Pocket Operators. The Bento Box made a quick trip back from Japan to Italy during the Milan Design Week 2017, when Steeezo played at IKEA Festival with the Teenage Engineering crew. This Q&A will get you a great playlist for your weekend, good food advice for those visiting Japan and a little (just a little) insight into Steeezo’s world!

Photo: Teenage Engineering & Steeezo @ Milan Design Week 2017, Italy
Teenage Engineering & Steeezo @ Milan Design Week 2017, Italy | Photo: Alberto Villarreal

Tell us about Milan Design Week! What happened during your live shows with Teenage Engineering Sound System Live at IKEA Festival?

I played with Teenage Engineering Sound System, jam session-style. I was using 5 OP-1s and my Pocket Operators with my signature stand “Bento Box” by Cremacaffè Design. It was an amazing three hours of groove making by everyone. Just so much fun. Sound, lighting, dancers & the IKEA space at Officina Ventura 14. Everything was great.

Do you think we can answer here the question everybody has been asking you all these years, why so many OP-1s ?

I just love OP-1. That’s all. 🙂 It is not necessary for anyone to understand it.

When did your passion for music start? What kind of music you love?

5 ~ 6 years old. I didn’t like music lessons from any school. So I am not into musical score / I do not like playing the same as everyone. But I liked listening to music from the radio, since when I was a child (80’s AOR, 90’s hiphop / R&B and etc.).

You are such a perfect image of the internet era performer: mysterious, popular, loved, and envied. How all of this happened? Any advice for people who dream to do the same?

Haha, I just do it when I want to do it. Like eating breakfast, breathing. Never give up what you believe.

This is for foodies. Any favorite dish you would suggest when we come to visit you in Japan?

Delhi Bay “Curry shop” in Yamanashi. And Hokkaido food is delicious.

Musical projects in the future?

I’ll release something (Tapes, EPs, Albums) during the summer / autumn in this year.

A playlist that you would recommend right now.

Here you go:

2. Collapse / Seiho
3. DJ Kensei ‎/ Is Paar
4. Beat Makerz Diary EP / STEEEZO “EEE”
5. 日本幽霊出的台湾

Photo: STEEEZO live @ Super Plume Radio - Tokyo, Japan
STEEEZO live @ Super Plume Radio – Tokyo, Japan

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